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Info page: BDCFF to MAPS Converter

Amoeba Rockford

This small program is a new tool for Boulder Dash fans. It reads a Boulder Dash game in BDCFF (Boulder Dash Common File Format) and creates BMP pics of all the caves in the original colors. An example of such a picture can be found below.
Moreover, it writes an HTML file in which you can view the caves together with their properties. Click here for an example. Information about the BDCFF format can be found at the BDCFF page.

Up to now a lot of games have already been converted, you can find the maps at this page.

Cave A
A map of Cave A created by the BDCFF->MAPS converter.

You can download the latest version of the BDCFF->MAPS converter here.

If you want to look at the source code for some very good reason, please email me.

Version 1.2 was released on 29 July 2007. The first release was on 7 June 2006.

Most important changes in v 1.2:
- It's now possible to compile all levels of BD1/2 engine games.
- Color modifications (like in BD2) are implemented (in 4 variants).
- Use of a default color set.
- Adjustable width of the border.
- Adjustable emptly lines in HTML file after title, caves and intermissions.
- All parameters can now be set in a separate file preferences.txt.
- Name of the program has changed to "BDCFF-->MAPS Converter".
- Some minor changes.

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