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Boulder Dash Quiz

Diamond Rockford

Are you a Boulder Dash expert? Find out in the following 18 questions!

You may assume the caves being created using the Construction Kit.

1. In a Boulder Dash cave the exit door opens when...
A. Rockford has dashed a certain amount of
B. Rockford has catched a certain amount of
C. Rockford has collected a certain amount of
Question #1
Question #2
2. Who created the original Boulder Dash for the Atari 800?
A. Dr. Watson and Peter Liepa.
B. Chris Gray and Dr. Watson.
C. Peter Liepa and Chris Gray.
3. A cave (created using the Construction Kit) opens with the situation indicated by the picture. In which direction will the firefly move?
A. Left.
B. Down.
C. Up.
Question #3
Question #4
4. A cave starts like on the picture, so the the butterfly will explode. How many diamonds do you get?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6
E. 9
5. In Boulder Dash I the amoeba cannot convert into...
A. Boulders.
B. Fireflies.
C. Diamonds.
Question #5
Question #6
6. See picture. Can Rockford determine if the wall is a magic wall without converting or wasting any boulder?
A. Yes, he can.
B. No, he can't.
7. See picture. A butterfly starts to move upwards. Which direction will it choose at the cross-over?
A. Left.
B. Right.
C. Up.
Question #7
Question #8
8. Which elements can be used in the Construction Kit but do not appear in Boulder Dash II?
A. Hidden Exit and Rockford Dolls.
B. Slime and Hidden Exit.
C. Rockford Dolls and Growing Wall.
D. Growing Wall and Slime.
9. In which caves of Boulder Dash II are magic walls?
A. Cave A, E, L and N.
B. Cave A, E, K and O.
C. Cave A, E, K and N.
D. Cave A, E, L and O.
Question #9
Question #10
10. See picture. How many boulders and diamonds will fall through the magic walls?
A. 4 boulders and 2 diamonds.
B. 4 boulders and 4 diamonds.
C. 4 boulders and 6 diamonds.
D. 6 boulders and 6 diamonds.
E. 8 boulders and 8 diamonds.
11. When a butterfly explodes you get diamonds. But what do you get when a firefly explodes?
A. 9 hot slices of pizza.
B. A warp to the 5th next cave.
C. Nothing (empty space).
Question #11
Question #12
12. If an amoeba could grow without any bound, it converts as soon as it has grown up to...
A. 150 units.
B. 200 units.
C. 300 units.
13. Which famous cave do you see on the picture?
A. Boulder Dash I cave P.
B. Boulder Dash V cave E.
C. Boulder Dash V cave P.
D. Boulder Dash VI cave E.
E. Boulder Dash VI cave P.
Question #13
Question #14
14. A cave opens like on the picture. Both the diamond and the boulder will fall from a wall. Which one will fall first?
A. The diamond.
B. The boulder.
15. In what way did Don Pedro modify the original graphics-set for his release of Boulder Dash VI?
A. The fireflies became ghosts.
B. Rockford was dressed like a pirate.
C. The diamonds became pearls.
Question #15
Question #16
16. A cave starts as on the picture. Will the butterfly and the firefly touch each other? And if they do, where?
A. They won't tough each other.
B. They will touch each other at the upper edge.
C. They will touch each other at the left edge.
D. They will touch each other at the right edge.
17. How many game releases did BD legend "No One" in total?
A. More than 50.
B. Less than 50.
Question #17
Question #18
18. What's the maximum amount of diamonds which is possible to collect in this Construction Kit cave? (No magic walls or growing walls are involved.)
A. 18
B. 19
C. 20
D. 27
E. 28
F. 29

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