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Boulder Dash Game Base

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Dustin's Boulder Dash 06


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Dustin Bachstein Germany

Release date:

12 Dec 2015










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Added on:

31 Dec 2015

Last update:

31 Dec 2015


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Posted by Dustin (Author) on 31 Dec 2015

Hi BD fans, this is my latest game in classical 5-level style. This time there is a special five-level cave, namely cave P. Have fun and a happy 2016 for all!
Here are the names and short descriptions of each cave:

A - Cage Runner: In the intro there are some butterflies awaiting execution.

B - Follower: The diamonds are there for taking, but something tries to trap you...

C - Multiple Choice Valleys: Three possible paths from the top to the bottom, but on each level, only one works! And at least on the higher levels it is not so obvious which one!

D - Triwizard Tournament: Three magic walls which won't work for too long, so preparation is needed!

Int. 1 - Comb: You need a good plan to fool both fireflies!

E - Battlefield: A war between amoeba and fireflies - and you need diamonds before they get destroyed in the battle!

F - Hourglass: Saving a way to the exit is not so easy for itself - on the higher levels you also must not let too many diamonds get entombed!

G - Exercises: Several dangerous exercises await you, the higher the level, the more to solve!

H - Twins: One twin is helpful, the other isn't...

Int. 2 - Die On Another Day: This firefly needs to be let out safely - only to destroy it somewhere else!


Posted by Dustin (author) on 31 Dec 2015

I - More Showers: A remake of a well-known BD2 cave, but how to collect any diamonds here?

J - Clans: You can solve this cave only if you make one clan visit the other!

K - Magic Square 3: There were two different magic squares in Dustin's BD 2, and here's another one!

L - Perfection: Inspired by another BD2 cave, but this time every diamond is needed and this is not so easy!

Int. 3 - (A)symmetric: The cave is symmetric, but the solution isn't!

M - Overtaking Lane: The only important thing is not to let the Growing Wall overtake you while moving to the NW corner!

N - Top: Trapping an amoeba isn't for the first time, of course, but this one is on the top...

O - Hectic Funnel: A BD1 remake this time, and a very hectic one!

P - The Five-Level Puzzle: A special five-level cave. Only one different element on each level, yet five diffeent (and differently difficult) solutions!

Int. 4 - Brainteaser: This lies at the very edge of what is possible with Boulder Dash physics!


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