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Dustin about Dustin's Boulder Dash 03 on 12 Apr 2021

Update 2021:
Cave H is fixed; no other changes. Enjoy! :)


Dustin about Dustin's Boulder Dash 17 on 26 Mar 2021

I forgot to mention in the cave intro texts that cave M (Millionaire) is actually a standard size version of Arno's "The 2 Million Challenge" YouTube Video! I always wanted to make a cave with a lot of diamonds to collect for the Dustin's BD series, but I found all my own ideas unsatisfactory. Then when I saw the video, it struck me as almost perfect for my purposes and I basically just rebuilt it for this game! :D
Have fun playing the game! :)


Dustin (Author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 14 on 29 Aug 2020

Update from Aug 29, 2020:
1. Cave H ("Emancipated Amoeba") had an unintended solution, which is now fixed. Now (hopefully) the cave is only solvable if the amoeba is prevented from converting into either boulders or diamonds. This fix was the main reason for the update, because the unintended solution destroyed the whole concept behind this cave!
2. In cave A, the magic wall no longer stops the amoeba.
3. Cave K had a lot of bonus diamonds, so I increased the requirement on lv4 and 5 and also changed the time limits a bit.
Have fun! :D


Spacebrain about No One's Boulder 16 on 13 Jun 2020

Is it just me, or is the BD16 image broken? I cannot make it work. ie. try with


Thanatos about Quicky Dash on 5 Jun 2020

Also appears to have been released in 1988, or at least cracked that year. But usually the cracks came quickly after release.


Thanatos about Quicky Dash on 5 Jun 2020

Screenshots to had here: and here:


Dustin - Author about Dustin's Boulder Dash 13 on 18 May 2020

The update was of course not made on March 18, but May 18 ;D


Dustin - Author about Dustin's Boulder Dash 13 on 18 May 2020


Hi all, there was a bug/ unintended solution in cave O - Cavescanning order. The amoeba could easily give you a lot more diamonds than intended, which made it possible to beat the cave - even on level 5 - without doing any of the other tasks.

Therefore, my oversight destroyed the whole cave, and that's why I decided to fix it and ask Arno to upload the fixed version, which is now downloadable. Thx Arno!

Beside the bugfix, cave O now has two other minor differences, but I didn't change anything else in the game. So have fun! ;D


Dustin {Author} about Dustin's Boulder Dash 8 - Arno Remix on 18 Feb 2020

You're welcome, Arno! It was a great pleasure to select and re-design your caves! ;D


Arno about Dustin's Boulder Dash 8 - Arno Remix on 14 Feb 2020

Excellent selection of highlight caves from the Arno Dash series! Thanks a lot for this tribute Dustin! :-D


Arno about Dustin's Boulder Dash 11 on 26 Oct 2019

Awesome! :-D


Dustin {Author} about Dustin's Boulder Dash 11 on 26 Oct 2019

!!!SPOILER about the cave "Math Marathon"!!!

Level 3

1. 413^0=1 YES
Any number to the power of 0 is equal to 1.

2. pi=3.14 NO
The circular number pi is about 3.14, but not exactly. It is an irrational number, which means it is infinitely long and not periodic. It starts as follows - 3.1415926535...

3. square root of 4 divided by 0.5 = 4 YES
The square root of 4 is 2. If you divide 2 by 0.5, the question is how often the 0.5 fits in the 2. As 4*0.5=2, the result is indeed 4.

Level 4

1. i²=-1 YES
That's how the imaginary unit i is defined.

2. 40-32/2=4! YES
This one is a trap! If you would calculate from left to right, you would get the result of 4, but as division has preferrance over subtraction, the correct result is 24. But! On the right side we don't have "4", but "4!". The exclamation mark is the mathematical symbol for "factorial". 4! means 4*3*2*1, which is 24. So the equation is indeed correct!

3. 16^2.25=512 YES
16^2.25=16^2*16^0.25=16*16*{4th root of 16} = 16*16*2=512, so the equation is correct.

Level 5

1. e^{i*pi}+1=0 YES
Many mathematicians think this is the most beautiful mathematical equation, as it combines such important numbers like 0, 1, the circular number pi, Euler's number e and the imaginary unit i.

2. Integral 2x dx = x²+c YES
This is not easy to explain. For people who had integral calculus at school, this is one of the easier integrals, for those who hadn't, it's impossible to explain here!

3. Gamma {0.5} = pi
Hard to explain in this comment either. The correct value of the Gamma function at 0.5 is not pi, but the square root of pi.


Dustin {Author} about Dustin's Boulder Dash 11 on 26 Oct 2019

!!!SPOILER about the cave "Math Marathon"!!!
As I promised in the game, here are the reasons for the correct answers in the cave "Math Marathon".

Level 1

1. 12+34=56 NO
Obviously false, the correct result is 46.

2. 2+3*4=20 NO
It would be correct if you could calculate from left to right, but multiplication has preferrance over addition, so the correct result is 14 instead.

3. 3+1.5=3*1.5 YES
The result is 4.5 on both sides, so the equation is indeed correct.

Level 2

1. 5*0=5 NO
5*0 means 0+0+0+0+0, so the correct result is 0.

2. 3²+4²=5² YES
3²=3*3=9, 4²=4*4=16, 5²=5*5=25, so 9+16=25 is correct. This is a so-called Pythagoras triple and it means that a triangle with side lengths of 3, 4 and 5 metres is a right triangle.

3. -3*{-4}=-12 NO
Two negative numbers multiplied result in a positive number, so the correct result is +12.


Jesse about Boulder Dash 09 on 18 Jun 2019

This is my childhood! Been searching for this specific one for ages; the map previews on this site are really a great help! I used to try and argue to my parents that the level E staircase was a good hand strengthening exercise after breaking my arm when I was 8, and Level M is one of my favorite levels of the whole series.


sfq about Boulder Dash Super Prof on 2 Mar 2019

On the level 38... It was extremely hard to get the required 99 diamonds in the first place, but doing that without sealing the exit seems impossible.


Dustin (Author) about BD1 Challenges on 24 Feb 2019

Hi BD fans!
This game is kinda special - the caves are the same as in the original BD1 game but the idea is that each cave has a specific additional rule to fulfill! This rule can, for example be "Defeat all fireflies" or "Never move upwards" etc. To furmulate the rules, I used the GDash story mode. Thus, this game only makes sense if you have the story mode switched ON in the GDash Options!
Thanks Arno, not only for the release, but also for testing the game and checking whether all the challenges are formulated clearly!
Have fun with the challenges - I had a lot of fun making and recording them!
Cheers, Dustin


sfq about Boulder Dash Super Prof on 23 Feb 2019

Great challenging caves - 38 in total. But how on earth is the last cave possible to complete???


Dustin (Author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 10 on 13 Jan 2019

First of all, thanks Arno for the release and the feedback! :)
The cave names and descriptions are once again included in the game itself (just don't switch off the story in the options!), so I'll just give some remarks on some especially hard level 5 caves:
Diamond Road/5: I just found out that this is a bit easier than intended, so I think the level 4 version is harder.
Hurry Potter/5: You need to be very quick here!
Jewel Snapper/5: My personal favourite for the hardest cave in the game - there's no single bonus diamond, so you need to be concentrated and flawless at high speed for over a minute!
New Funnel/5: I needed many tries to figure out a way to leave the funnel without activating the Magic Wall too early!
Push/5: The quickly falling rocks make this one really dangerous (at least for me)!
I wish you a lot of fun with this game! :)


Arno about Dustin's Boulder Dash 10 on 8 Jan 2019

Very good BD with some original ideas! I like especially the caves Circulation, Intermission Run, Jewel Snapper and Push. :-)


Dustin (author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 09 on 14 May 2018

Hi fans,
I wish you a lot of fun with this game, which continues my series of classical five-level based games!
Cave descriptions are once again included in the game itself, so I won't give them here, but some remarks about the higher levels:
A/4 is an almost insane speedrun and A/5 combines that with a tricky random seed!
E/5 also has a random seed which makes the cave a lot harder than on level 1-4.
In F/5, Rockford's escape route demands a lot more turns than on the other levels.
In K/5, every shot must be a hit!
N/5 even has a probability of about 0.3% to be unsolvable (yet I didn't want to lower the diamond requirement because of that)!
In O/4 and O/5, grabbing the last diamond without getting stuck is a lot trickier than on levels 1-3!
So I'm certain that level 5 will be a real challenge even for BD pros!
I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoyed designing it!
Cheers Dustin


Arno about Dustin's Boulder Dash 09 on 12 May 2018

Please note that Dustin's BD 8 is not missing, but it will be released on a later date.


Said Daif about Boulder Dash 02 - Rockford's Revenge on 28 Jan 2018

Hi, That was very good and attractive game to my kids.

they damaged many joy sticks but they learned later how to enjoy writing programs in BASIC language to compose music and to draw short animation movies on ATARI computer.

Thanks for all of you.


RaVeN72 about Boulder Change on 21 Jan 2018

good, fun level set from the 80's - worth playing


Dustin (author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 07 on 2 Nov 2017

Hi BD fans, this is my latest GDash classical 5-level BD game! Cave names and descriptions are included in the game itsalf this time (just switch on the "story" function in the GDash Options!). In this game, Rockford will visit Chinese culture, do unusual things with amoebas, get furious as the Magic Wall runs two seconds too short, and even find his look-alike!
Level 5 includes some insane speedruns (A/5, E/5), close-to-unsolvable random seeds (D/5, L/5) and seemingly impossible amounts of required diamonds where I tested for hours to get my maximum (C/5, I/5). Are you ready for the challenge to beat level 5?
Anyway: Have fun!!! :)


Dustin (author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 06 on 31 Dec 2015

I - More Showers: A remake of a well-known BD2 cave, but how to collect any diamonds here?

J - Clans: You can solve this cave only if you make one clan visit the other!

K - Magic Square 3: There were two different magic squares in Dustin's BD 2, and here's another one!

L - Perfection: Inspired by another BD2 cave, but this time every diamond is needed and this is not so easy!

Int. 3 - (A)symmetric: The cave is symmetric, but the solution isn't!

M - Overtaking Lane: The only important thing is not to let the Growing Wall overtake you while moving to the NW corner!

N - Top: Trapping an amoeba isn't for the first time, of course, but this one is on the top...

O - Hectic Funnel: A BD1 remake this time, and a very hectic one!

P - The Five-Level Puzzle: A special five-level cave. Only one different element on each level, yet five diffeent (and differently difficult) solutions!

Int. 4 - Brainteaser: This lies at the very edge of what is possible with Boulder Dash physics!


Dustin (Author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 06 on 31 Dec 2015

Hi BD fans, this is my latest game in classical 5-level style. This time there is a special five-level cave, namely cave P. Have fun and a happy 2016 for all!
Here are the names and short descriptions of each cave:

A - Cage Runner: In the intro there are some butterflies awaiting execution.

B - Follower: The diamonds are there for taking, but something tries to trap you...

C - Multiple Choice Valleys: Three possible paths from the top to the bottom, but on each level, only one works! And at least on the higher levels it is not so obvious which one!

D - Triwizard Tournament: Three magic walls which won't work for too long, so preparation is needed!

Int. 1 - Comb: You need a good plan to fool both fireflies!

E - Battlefield: A war between amoeba and fireflies - and you need diamonds before they get destroyed in the battle!

F - Hourglass: Saving a way to the exit is not so easy for itself - on the higher levels you also must not let too many diamonds get entombed!

G - Exercises: Several dangerous exercises await you, the higher the level, the more to solve!

H - Twins: One twin is helpful, the other isn't...

Int. 2 - Die On Another Day: This firefly needs to be let out safely - only to destroy it somewhere else!


matt about Falcon Dash 2004 - The Big Diamond on 22 Aug 2015

great map set - good puzzle elements, but not over the top on difficulty. completed some caves on the first try, but other required many attempts to devise the correct strategy. well worth playing


Matt about Falcon Dash 2003 - The Legend Continues on 21 Aug 2015

just finished this set - great fun - highly recommended


Dustin (author) about Dustin's Boulder Dash 05 on 31 May 2015

Hi BD fans, this is my latest game from Dustin's Boulder Dash, a classical 5-level game which is very much playable but (hopefully) not too easy either!
Cave descriptions and names:

A (Avanti!) An easy intro, on the higher levels you might feel the time pressure!
B (Quattro Stagioni) Find your way through the four areas of this cave in a merry-go-round!
C (Dungeon): Having escaped the immediate danger, tons of jewels await you!
D (Farfalle): Which path is the right one? And there's a surprise as well!
Int 1 (Burglary): Timing is everything here!

E (Avalanche): Within a mass of rocks, pick up (all of) the few jewels!
F (Trap Me): What is this: it looks like jelly, makes a strange noise and if you trap it, the amoeba converts? :D
G (Pyramid): It's quite clear what to do, but also do it in the right order!
H (Troublemaker): Just following the safe path won't give you enough diamonds, so some kind of chaos is needed!
Int 2 (Dance): In order to fool the firefly, you must know all about its moving patterns!

I (Inflation): Here it's not so important to collect as many jewels as possible, but rather to use them to find your way to the exit!
J (Deflation): As a contrast to the previous cave, here the jewels are very rare and precious!
K (Meteor Strike): This is some kind of mixture between timing and puzzling!
L (Escape Tunnel): After escaping the butterflies, it's you who attacks!
Int 3 (Diagon Alley 2): Precisely placed explosions are the key here!

M (Tick Tock Clock): Rule 1: Don't panic! Rule 2: Find and use the gaps!
N Blow-Up): Having overslept the fireworks, Rockford comes out and still finds lots of fireflies!
O (Outsmarted!): Two more fireflies to fool!
P (Gilded Cage): If you look at this as an old-fashioned amoeba-butterfly-explosion-cave, then mmost probably the exit won't open!
Int 4 (Dodgeball): One good reflex - and the rest is simple!

Hope you enjoy the game! Cheers Dustin


Dustin about Boulder Dash 03 on 19 Sep 2014

I, too, think most caves were too uncreative. My favorites are H, K (very innovative idea, although the realization is really difficult mainly because the amoeba time is too short in my opinion) and P (also this use of the magic wall was new, it blocks your way but also helps to kill fireflies!). The worst caves for me are E (no concept at all), G (very poor remake of BD2, D) and the fact that D, M, N have no real difference in solution strategy. All in all I, too, think the game's clearly inferior to BD 1 and 2.

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